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On the Galaxy-class, saucer separation was primarily designed as a way for the civilian and nonessential crew complement to escape in the saucer section, while the senior staff and essential personnel engaged a threat or entered a potentially dangerous situation in the stardrive section RULES FOR GALAXY CLASS SAUCER SEPARATION To perform the saucer separation/rejoining procedure, first spend an action to initiate docking procedures. The following planning phase, you must select a forward 1 maneuver. During the activation phase: 1. Place the saucer section token directly in front of your vessel, or remove the token from the playing field if rejoining. 2. If you have more crew. The Galaxy Class's saucer separation primary function was for quick space station installation. The explanation that the saucer section was used as a giant escape pod never really set right especially given the fact, as many people have pointed out before, that it had no warp nacelles to make a proper escape Galaxy Class saucer separation; Please wait... tviper81. I'm too cool to Post. 50 XP 2nd September 2003. 0 Uploads 4 Posts 0 Threads #1 17 years ago I know that there is a mod for BC that alllows you to separate the saucer section on the Galaxy class and fight using both sections. Can the same be done for SFC3?.

I am wondering about the combat effectiveness of the saucer section of a Galaxy class starship is compared to the stardrive section. I know that the saucer section can sustain a warp field but not generate one. I don't know if it can change direction. I also do not know how crucial warp drive is in combat, I think they combat generally happens at impulse. So, what I would like to know is: what. The first of the class, the USS Galaxy, was launched in 2357 and commissioned in 2362, nearly two decades after initial approval.21 The Galaxy class which emerged from the Utopia Planitia shipyard22 had very similar lines to the Nebula class. The Galaxy is slightly larger in volume, although its less compact design gives it considerably greater length than the smaller vessel. The major change between the two is the lack of a mission specific pod on the Galaxy class

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  1. or Phaser Spinal Lance
  2. Most crew quarters on the Galaxy-class were located in the ship's saucer section, in order to provide safety for civilian and non-essential personnel during a saucer separation. However, the engineering hull also contained crew quarters, generally containing engineering personnel and their families. Pets, including cats and dogs, were also allowed aboard ship
  3. The Galaxy-class is a type of starship built by Starfleet from the mid 24th century into the 25th century. It was primarily intended to be a ship of exploration, but is also extremely heavily armed. This class of vessel is one of the largest and most powerful..

The saucer impulse engines of the Galaxy class are often said to be too tiny for the ship's size. In this light it surprises that they are still smaller on the Nebula, in particular because the ship class doesn't have an additional central engine. On all miniature variants of the ship the impulse engines seem to be identical. Their location may be regarded as impractical, because the warp. The Saucer Rim on the Galaxy Class. Dissimilarities between the older and newer miniatures. The Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Galaxy class, was designed by Andrew Probert for Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). Industrial Lights and Magic (ILM) initially built two miniatures of the Federation starship for the series, closely following Probert's plans. One was 6ft, the other one was 2ft long. Both were capable of saucer separation. In the third season, however, Greg Jein completed a new 4ft long. The Galaxy Class was designed to complete an emergency saucer landing. This is a one-way trip. Starfleet did not wish to incur the expense of doing a real world test, so until 2371 when the Enterprise-D completed this maneuver, it had never been done. Review of the Enterprise incident showed that it was a viable last resort option. Once down however, there is no going back. The saucer section.

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The Galaxy class was designed to be both a successor and replacement to the older Oberth and Ambassador classes. The special features of this class are the modular structure (modules can be exchanged or added), its enormous size and the possibility to separate the vessel into two completely independent ships the saucer module and drive section. After the 15 year long application phase of the. The saucer section could be removed, and not only would the Galaxy retain all of it's combat capabilities, it would probably become even more capable without the enormous mass of the saucer section slowing it down. I suspect that the Federation ultimately felt that the Galaxy class was a failed design. Too big and too expensive, without. The Galaxy-class Cruiser is a large cruiser used by Starfleet. This version of the Galaxy-class can separate its saucer and fire an Antimatter Spread to distort enemy sensors. This is the NPC version of the Exploration Cruiser Refit and Exploration Cruiser Retrofit. The basic Exploration Cruiser is represented in the standard Federation Cruiser

Refit Galaxy Class: Type : Original Galaxy was an Explorer1: Unit Run : USS Enterprise1 1 built in total. Commissioned : 23941, class remains in service: Dimensions : Length : 641 m2 Beam : 470 m2 Height : 157 m2 Decks : 42 : Mass : 5,100,000 metric tons: Crew : 1,215, ; Evac limit unknown Armament : 1 x heavy phaser lance1 16 x visible phaser arrays1, total output 350,000 TeraWatts 2 x Rapid. Wir kennen keine In-Box-Vorstellungen für dieses Produkt Galaxy Class Lower Saucer Windows (#RMC-67) von Federation Models. Stash. Loggen Sie sich ein, um Ihren Vorrat zu verwalten. Wunschliste (0 Freunde) Niemand. Stash (1 Freunde) Gestartet (0 Freunde) Niemand. Fertiggestellt (0x) Niemand . Verwandte Produkte Detail and Conversion sets. U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D Photoetch Detail Set. Galaxy Class Saucer Section. By ScifiGeek1991 Watch. 20 Favourites. 3 Comments. 115 Views. data dominion generation generations klingon next picard riker romulan seperation star trek war saucersection Well it's a new ship, but she's got the right name. you remember that. You treat her like a lady...and she'll always bring you home. - Admiral Leonard McCoy Without question, my personal all. Fed Galaxy Class - Saucer Only : Star Trek Online : Starship Fed Galaxy Class - Saucer Only - Inf

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I'd like to request bringing back the saucer separation for the Galaxy Class, and giving it a special ability as well. As a command vessel, it could be given an ability to command and coordinate other starships. For example, the Home One Mon Calmari cruiser in Empire at War had Concentrate Firepower. All ships would concentrate firepower on a single selected target. I think this would be a. As for the saucer seperation: The Galaxy class is the first to be able to re-attach. I'm always dubious about previous class' since there is little in the way of canon info, but we have on screen evidence of the Enterprise 1701 being able to seperate (kirk's dialogues), and in TMP, an alternate perposed by the writers and producers in which the ship seperated when K't'inga class ships attacked. The Galaxy-class Enterprise is capable of saucer separation and subsequent re-docking, used sometimes for leaving the civilian population behind when the stardrive section goes into combat,[2] as seen in the The Next Generation episodes Encounter at Farpoint,[5] and The Arsenal of Freedom,[6] for the additional combat advantage of having two separate vessels instead of one, as seen in. The saucer sections of the Constitution and Galaxy class ships could land, but not the main body. There are a couple of books (one was Enterprise, can't recall the other) where the saucer section of the Enterprise (1701) was detached and landed on the Earth for the purposes of a refit. The reason was described that workers could work much.

Afterwards, Galaxy-class ships went on to play a major part in numerous engagements in the war, including acting as the heavy-hitting core of multi-vessel formations dubbed Galaxy Wings. Shortly before the war, three Galaxy -class starships, USS Abraham Lincoln , USS Citadel , and USS El Dorado , underwent experimental refits into as carriers for Peregrine -class fighters USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), or Enterprise-D, is a starship in the Star Trek media franchise. Under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, it is the main setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) and the film Star Trek Generations (1994). It has also been depicted in various spinoffs, films, books, and licensed products. The Next Generation occurs 78 years after the adventures. The Galaxy class was unusual in the fact that you could bring your wife and kids with you too, hence the number of people being over 1000 on board. In anticipated dangerous situations the saucer could seperate to keep the families safe while the engineering hull containing most of the firepower could deal with the situation. That is not a gimmmick

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